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Writing and the Arts

As part of a new collaboration, SLC is working with Rice's Center for Education to meet the needs of writing teachers working with prekindergarten to high school students. Some monthly meetings feature discussion of readings on creativity and imagination, others center around guest lessons facilitated by professional artists. All sessions feature a collaborative environment that encourages teachers to develop as writers themselves before brainstorming ways in which they might apply their experiences to various classroom settings. This format is designed to spark discussions on what constitutes effective teaching of writing across the ages while inspiring the author within each of us!

  • Join a professional community of writing teachers
  • Explore the writing process, discuss your impressions, and bring back new ideas for supporting student writing in your classroom
  • Make it possible for your students to participate in the spring reading at Rice University
  • Develop your own skills as a writer

Meetings are held one Monday afternoon each month at the Rice University SLC offices, 5615 Kirby Drive, Suite # 344, Houston, Texas. 77005. Free parking is provided.

Contact us at slc@rice.edu or 713-348-5333 for more information.