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Glasscock School of Continuing Studies

Reading, Writing and Reasoning

For 2nd Through 5th Grades

This yearlong program utilizes a combination of monthly seminars at Rice University and ongoing classroom-based mentoring to provide teachers of 2nd to 5th grade a “deep dive” into best practices in literacy education for 21st century learners. How should educators address today’s demand for successful test scores while ensuring that students also develop the higher-order creative thinking, reasoning skills and communication skills they will need in the society of the future? Participating teachers will draw upon educational pedagogy and current research in reading and writing instruction to investigate strategies for promoting lifelong readers, writers and thinkers.

SLC requires completion of an application and interview for inclusion in this program.

A Sampling of Seminar Topics:

  • Choosing what is good to read and what’s not - the good, the better, the best
  • Conducting effective literature circles
  • Managing reading journals - what, why and how?
  • Inspiring thinking by reading aloud to older elementary students
  • Crafting whole class discussions so no one gets left behind
  • Making the most of poetry - reading, writing and responding