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Our Message

Rice's School Literacy and Culture (SLC) is a teacher education program that unites teachers, administrators and parents around a single passionate belief:

All children deserve a high-quality early literacy education.

Our Mission

School Literacy and Culture promotes effective teaching through rigorous professional educational initiatives that emphasize reading and writing, culture, child development and research.

Through education and mentoring, we not only support teachers, administrators and parents, but also ensure that Houston-area students receive the key to academic success: a high-quality early literacy education.

Our Method

Teachers and teacher educators at SLC have spent the last 25 years developing and perfecting educational and mentoring programs that provide the very best that teacher education has to offer. The key lies in respectful, in-depth work that empowers teachers to bring the very latest research on how young children learn to read and write into their classrooms. Because all staff members and mentor teachers are past recipients of SLC training, they teach authentically about their own classroom experiences and their own learning. SLC is also proud to offer a wide range of programming designed to address the literacy needs of Houston area schools, parents and children.

Today’s Education Landscape

The focus of SLC’s work has remained constant for more than two decades: early literacy development that targets issues of access, equity and high standards. What has changed, however, is the educational climate within which this early literacy work occurs. Over the past decade, state and national mandates in literacy instruction have increasingly marginalized many of our neediest learners through a well-intentioned, but narrow focus on teaching isolated skills, such as letter names and sounds, as a substitute for deeper learning. The fallout from this limited instruction is particularly acute for young second language learners, one of Houston’s fastest growing populations. SLC combines instruction in skills with education in the higher mental functions that promote imagination, creativity, and problem-solving.