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Classroom Storytelling

A child dictates a story to his teacher.SLC’s Classroom Storytelling program is inspired by Vivian Paley’s storytelling and story acting work. The project combines early literacy research and classroom practice with mentoring and seminar discussions in a yearlong training program where:

  • Teachers will implement strategies that help young children extend their vocabularies, develop print awareness, cultivate oral expression and develop an understanding of narrative form through dictation and dramatization of their own stories.                          
  • Teachers will address the role of language acquisition and the cultural dynamics of teacher-student relationships as critical factors for children learning to read and write.
  • Teachers will create classrooms that inspire children to read and write through storytelling and other research-based early literacy activities.

Classroom Storytelling training includes in-depth monthly seminars and personalized support from an experienced mentor teacher. Mentors will visit teachers’ classrooms and share best practices for implementing new early literacy methods.

Scholarships: A limited number of scholarships are available. Please contact Brooke Brown at brookebrown@rice.edu for more information.

Application Deadline: 

Early Acceptance Application Deadline: Friday, May 19
Regular Acceptance Application Deadline: Friday, June 16

Note: When completing your application, please be sure to list an email address and phone number where you can be reached over the summer.