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Teacher and student

For more than 25 years, School Literacy and Culture (SLC) has promoted effective teaching through rigorous professional education initiatives that emphasize early literacy, child development, writing and culture. Our work is based on the following guiding principles:

  1. Change requires teachers to become part of a professional learning community that places inquiry at its center.
  2. Teachers learn best when they can use their own classroom experience to examine their beliefs and practices.
  3. Issues of equity must permeate the fabric of professional development.

To accomplish these goals we have multiple programs tiered to meet teachers’, schools’, and districts’ varied needs.

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Amidst the vast offerings we provide for early childhood teachers and leaders, our work based on Vivian Paley’s storytelling and story acting is our most recognized. With inspiration drawn from Paley’s work, School Literacy and Culture has developed a Classroom Storytelling Curriculum to be used in toddler through second grade classrooms.

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