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Rice Creative Writing Camp Descriptions

Storytellers: Grades K-2

Storytellers experience dramatic play, reading, dictation, journaling, and independent writing in creative ways. Children create short stories, plays, and poems for a class anthology and performance. Basic literacy skills are addressed in context, and are not a prerequisite for entering kindergarteners. 

Writers: Grades 3-6

Writers write stories, essays, poems, and plays with daily exercises that teach literary techniques, extend vocabulary, and encourage creative expression. Students write, edit, and revise original writing that is shared through readings, performances, and an anthology. 

Inventors: Grades 7-8

Inventors explore different literary genres (poetry, fiction, nonfiction) in a supportive writing environment that includes individualized attention and group interaction. Students participate in readings, performances, and publish their work. View course topics.

Authors: Grades 9-12

Authors experiment with genres and emerging art forms (such as performance poetry or graphic novels), helping them excel at advanced writing. Students develop their voice through daily writing, one-on-one conferences, peer review, publication, and performance. View course topics.